Several basketball club programs use ASC as their home to conduct practices. For more
information on the each club, please refer to the club’s web site link.

Open Gym Premier – Matt Kanne
OC Shooting Stars

For tournament information, check the following organizations which run the majority of
youth tournaments at ASC.

Double Pump Basketball – Dana & David Pump
San Gabriel Basketball – Lyle Honda
Focus Basketball – Keith Cash 
Open Gym Premier – Matt Kanne

If you need referees for a league, tournament, or event contact Ace 5 on 5 Basketball Leagues and Officiating

714.588.8781 | [email protected] Ace 5on5 Sports

For more information about the men’s basketball leagues conducted at ASC, contact the specific league

Fast Action Basketball
Jeff’s Sports Connection 
MBL – Muslim Basketball League
Pac Rim Basketball