Basketball Club and Event Information

Several basketball club programs use ASC as their home to conduct practices. For more
information on the each club, please refer to the club’s web site link.

Open Gym Premier – Matt Kanne
OC Shooting Stars

For tournament information, check the following organizations which run the majority of
youth tournaments at ASC.

Double Pump Basketball – Dana & David Pump
San Gabriel Basketball – Lyle Honda
Focus Basketball – Keith Cash
Open Gym Premier – Matt Kanne

If you need referees for a league, tournament, or event contact Ace 5 on 5 Basketball Leagues and Officiating

714.588.8781 | [email protected] | Ace 5on5 Sports

For more information about the men’s basketball leagues conducted at ASC, contact the specific league

Fast Action Basketball
Jeff’s Sports Connection
MBL – Muslim Basketball League
Pac Rim Basketball