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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­SCIVBHOF MISSION STATEMENT:

The Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame (SCIVBHOF) was founded in the summer of 2016 to publicize, promote, market and recognize the great accomplishments in the sport of indoor volleyball by players, coaches and administrators/officials/contributors that have ties to the local area from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

The inductees are recognized for a wide spectrum of experiences ranging from their initial involvement in club and high school tournaments to their outstanding achievements in collegiate season play, USA national team competition, and the Olympic Games.

Housed at the American Sports Centers (ASC) in Anaheim, the 501c3 SCIVBHOF charity will provide funds to under-supported teams, players and competitions to further develop the indoor volleyball game throughout Southern California.

SCIVBHOF donors and sponsors will be recognized in a Tribute Program provided to all in attendance at the annual induction dinner and on a special HOF wall built at American Sports Centers, the premier tournament venue for boys and girls club volleyball in Southern California.

Visit our website at www.americansportscenters.com for more SCIVBHOF information.



  1. The Southern California Indoor Volleyball Hall of Fame (SCIVBHOF) is housed at the American Sports Centers in Anaheim, CA. The facility has been home to the USA Men’s & Women’s National Indoor VB Teams, which both won bronze medals at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. The SCIVBHOF will feature the best indoor players, coaches and contributors from the Southern California area.
  2. HOF candidates must have been born, raised or competed/coached/participated most of their indoor volleyball careers in Southern California (defined from San Diego to Santa Barbara) or have spent most of his/her life (a minimum of 10 years) working indoor volleyball in the Southern California area.
  3. He/she should have played high school, club and/or college INDOOR volleyball or coached the INDOOR sport on either level in Southern California or been Southern California based with the sport on the national/international level. A candidate should be involved with the sport where his/her contributions have significantly advanced the sport in Southern California—i.e. official, administrator, sponsor–for a minimum of 10 years for final HOF consideration.
  4. Priority is given to players that have been selected for volleyball’s top individual honors—Olympic Games, USA National/Junior National Teams, 1st Team All-American, Player of the Year, High School/Club/College Champion, NCAA All-Tournament Team, and chosen for other major national/international honors/Hall of Fames (including coaches), etc. while competing or coaching with a Southern California connection. Other significant sport honors will be considered that are well recognized throughout the Southern California area and the outside volleyball communities related to indoor accomplishments.
  5. Player candidates should be a minimum of five years retired indoors (in case candidate is still playing on the beach or coaching for example). For a coach candidate, he/she should have completed a minimum of 10 years in the indoor profession for final consideration and achieved the highest team and individual honors while in charge of a program.
  6. The player/coach/other candidate should have devoted a major part of his or her life/career to indoor volleyball. His or her character should be considered at the highest level within the sport. Priority will be given to accomplishments connected directly with indoor volleyball and representing the Southern California area.


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